Joan's Lentil Burgers


1.Simmer lentils in a pot of hot water until mushy. This takes approximately 30 minutes. For extra flavour use a veggie stock cube.
2.Once cooked, mash lentils together with a potato masher and add other spices or mixed herbs to your liking.
3.In a frying pan, soften onion and garlic in olive oil for a few minutes until onions are translucent.
4.Add the grated carrots, followed by the finely chopped red pepper. Cook for 5 – 10 minutes and put into the bowl of mashed lentils.
5.Add pepper and salt, a beaten egg and mix well.
6.Place your mix into a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight or until firm.
7.When you are ready to cook the lentil burgers, process the day old bread in a blender until fine. Place in a bowl and add a generous handful of sesame seeds. Stir through so seeds are evenly distributed through the breadcrumbs.
8.Pour milk into one bowl, and place a beaten egg in another.
9.Shape the lentil mix into burgers and then soak in the milk, followed by the egg and then roll in the breadcrumb mixture.
10.Heat olive oil in a frying pan until hot and then cook the burgers on medium-low heat until golden and cooked through.
11.Serve with a side of salad and relish. Delish! discharge from the top of the mixture.